Introducing: Group Codes
September, 2017
Getting Started

Here at Releaf, we’re constantly working to improve the app in a way that benefits the patients using it. We review each and every piece of patient feedback as a team, and do our best to incorporate the most relevant feature requests into new versions of the app.

A little while ago, we received a request from a patient’s caregiver, her son, asking if there was a way he could remotely monitor her cannabis sessions. Soon after, we received a similar request, this time from an RN who was asking if there was a way she could monitor her patients’ sessions.

At the time, there wasn’t a way to do these things. Our patients’ privacy is at the top of our priority list. The data from their logged sessions is always anonymized and cannot be traced back to them.  But what if they WANTED to share this data with a family member, caretaker, nurse, or doctor?

We put our heads together and came up with a solution: Group Codes.  By reaching out to us and requesting a custom group code, now you can easily share your cannabis experiences and progress with the administrator of that group.  Groups can have as few or as many members as you like.

Here’s How To Join A Group:
1. From the “more” menu in the bottom navigation bar, tap “my groups.”
2. Tap the plus icon to join an existing group, and type the name of that group into the field provided.
3. Answer the confirmation prompts, and viola!  Your session data will now be shared with your group’s administrator.
If you would like to create a Group Code, or if you have any feedback for us on this new feature, you can do one of the following: 1. Tap “leave feedback” in the More menu, or 2 .Shoot us an email at Happy tracking!

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