Becoming the Modern Cannabis Patient


December, 2018

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Legalization has spread through most of the nation and medical cannabis is regularly legitimized by scientific studies, news articles, and peoples’ grandmas.  We’ve done it! We’ve largely broken the reefer madness stigma and entered a new age of cannabis use. It’s no longer called pot; it’s called cannabis. It’s no longer a stereotype about sitting around, getting high, and avoiding productivity; it’s about mindful use to positively impact your health and well being.  

Here are some ways to embrace the modern cannabis patient mindset:

Consider what cannabis can give you, not just how it can relieve you.

Yes, CBD has been proven to relieve pain, anxiety, and the frequency/severity of seizures.  But it can also reward you with laser-sharp mental focus and clear skin. When treating yourself with a strain or product, try thinking along the lines of: “This edible decreased my joint pain…AND made me feel more productive.”  It’s a win-win!

Utilize the cannabis technology available to you, like Releaf App.

We’ve known for thousands of years that cannabis promotes health and healing.  But until this modern technological era, there hasn’t been a good way of cataloging and determining exactly how it works best for us.  Releaf App brings technology to the cannabis experience to help capture, categorize, and collect data surrounding it, continuously deepening our knowledge about the plant…and ourselves.

Regard cannabis a supplement as well as a medication.

Regard cannabis a supplement as well as a medication.  These days, patients are often prescribed medications to obscure the symptoms that arise from their conditions instead of identifying and resolving the root cause of their condition.  Cannabis is different than “traditional” medicine. Yes, it can relieve the same symptoms as meds (sometimes with higher efficacy), but it also gifts us with the opportunity to pioneer our health and overall well being through reflection.  In our opinion, the healthiest people are those who are most balanced in terms of mind, body, and spirit. Use cannabis to treat your symptoms, but also use it as a supplement that will help you incorporate healthy practices into your life, like meditation or exercise.  Doing so will help you gain mental stability, stay active, and achieve inner peace.

Share cannabis.

Is a particular strain or product really doing it for you?  Track your outcomes with Releaf App and share the specifics – where you found it and what it’s called – with someone else who’s suffering from the same symptom(s) so they can try exactly what you tried.  Did you nail the dosage of your latest batch of gummies?  Share some with your peers so they can try it for themselves  (just be sure to let them know it cannabis…and to start with a small amount).  Hint: lots of cannabis companies out there want to hear from you. Reach out to them and let them know just how much you appreciate their product.  They may just thank you in the form of a coupon code.

Grow it yourself.

Gardening is an extremely healthy activity, and having plants around you has been shown to have many positive effects, including detering illness and boosting healing & productivity.  Growing your own cannabis will bring you closer to the plant and strengthen your relationship with its benefits.  If you’ve ever grown your own fruits or vegetables, you know how GOOD it feels and tastes to eat them. That same grow-your-own goodness applies to cannabis, but on a whole different level.  Trust us. Your body and mind (and wallet!) will thank you.

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