releaf app

We're building an app to assist medical cannabis patients in discovering, tracking and analyzing what works best in treating their ailments  

By letting Releaf know how you feel throughout your sessions with cannabis, it will help you recognize successful patterns in your usage:  what worked for you, how long did it last, and how did it make you feel?

 In addition to an in-depth session overview, Releaf will also give you personalized suggestions about what to try next, as well as generate visual analytics of your aggregate data… compiling a very helpful record to go over with your doctor.

Not only does Releaf help you securely track and analyze your medical cannabis usage, it also keeps you up to date with what’s working for people who share your symptoms.  Remember that your privacy is of utmost importance to us; we will never store or share any identifying information about you.  We're in this together!


Track your sessions & experiences

Keep track of your sessions and feelings with Releaf's session interface.  There's no better way to log this information and build upon your regimen!  We're very serious about privacy and your information is always kept anonymous.



Discover what's working for others

Guess-and-Check is a lot of work.  Releaf brings us together to learn from each other by sharing experiences.  As other patients with similar ailments are having success with specific strains or equipment, we'll let you know!  This results in less work for everyone on the path to feeling better. 


Receive beautiful  personalized analytics

Keep on top of your information with elegant analytics & reports.  These can be of great help when talking with your doctor or local dispensary.