Releaf Patient Focus Group Scheduled

MoreBetter Ltd. today announced it has scheduled the first ever Patient Focus Group, a live event to test the functionality of the Releaf app with actual patients, for May 21st at a private residence in Washington DC. 

If you are over the age of 21 and have a defined symptom that you would like to treat cannabis with, we would love to consider you as a participant.  An application has been posted to prospective patients who would like to be involved in this first of its kind study at

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Releaf was developed by MoreBetter Ltd., a Washington DC based company that provides cutting-edge software solutions to the public and private sector.

Releaf is an incredibly user friendly and fun way of tracking the symptoms you’re treating (such as pain, anxiety, or depression), the different strains you’ve tried, and as well as how your symptoms respond to those strains, and at what dosage.  For example: after taking four puffs of Blue Dream, you notice a drop in your anxiety, but you also realize that you feel more focused, relaxed, creative, and energized.   Releaf provides you with an easy way to make note of these effects.

The app is scheduled for launch in June, but there are still a few slots left in the iOS beta program, which is happening right now.

You can sign up for the beta here: