Getting Started with Releaf: Starting a New Session

Hello friends!

Thanks for downloading our app!  We truly believe that people who use Releaf to guide their cannabis treatment can start feeling better, faster.  

In practice, Releaf is simple to use -- just tell the app what symptom you would like to treat and what cannabis and equipment you’re using for a session, then keep letting it know when you dose and how you feel, until you’re done.  Afterwards, you rate the session and get helpful graphs and data.  Handy, right?

But if you’re a first-time user, you’ll probably notice that there are a lot more little steps along the way.  Let's take a look at how to start a new session.

Starting a New Session

After you launch the app and have navigated through the intro screens, you will be taken to an empty Session Dashboard (your dashboard will be updated with content as soon as you complete your first session).


Tap the “Start a new session” button.  You will then be prompted to make your selections for your primary symptom, equipment, and cannabis.

Selecting Your Primary Symptom

Every session you log in the app will be symptom-specific.  Session onboarding begins with you selecting your primary symptom from the list.  If you’re experiencing more than one symptom, select the one you wish to focus on treating for the next few hours. 

Let’s say you regularly use cannabis to alleviate anxiety, stress, and occasional back pain.  Right now, your back is killing you and no matter what you do, you can’t get comfortable. You decide that this symptom takes precedence over your anxiety and stress, so you select “pain - back” from the list.

Once you select a primary symptom in the list, you will be taken to the next screen.  You can always go back and select another symptom if you change your mind before beginning your session

Selecting Your Equipment

The second step is to choose the equipment you’re going to be using for this session.  Pre-loaded into this list are three generic equipment options for you to choose from: joint, pipe, and vape.  

If you would rather add a more specific piece of equipment, tap the (+) icon in the bottom righthand corner of the screen above.

Let’s say you want to medicate with your water pipe that’s reminiscent of the Caterpillar’s piece in Alice in Wonderland.   You tap the plus icon to enter in information about that piece.

 Be sure to give your piece a name in the first field provided (hint: you can use Emojis to liven things up!).  Categorize your equipment by tapping “vaporizer,” “pipe,” or “joint” in the bar below its name.  Sub-categories may appear, depending on what you select. 

Tap the “Save” button to proceed with your new piece of equipment.  

Now it’s time to select your cannabis!

Selecting Your Cannabis

The most important section of the pre-session selection procezss is, you guessed it, selecting your cannabis!  If this is your first time using the app, you will be taken to the “Add Cannabis” screen below after selecting your equipment. 

Type the strain name of your batch into the field provided, and select the species if you know it.   These two fields will be pre-filled the next time you add a new batch of the same strain.  

The rest of the fields on this screen are batch-specific.  Because cannabis changes from batch to batch, these fields will need to be filled out every time you add a new batch.  By completing as many of the fields as you can, you will be able to get the most out of Releaf’s personalized feedback feature as you continue to log sessions in the app. To input more cannabinoid percentages than the two shown, tap “more cannabinoids” to view a complete list of cannabinoids.  To input terpene values, tap “show terpenes” to access all terpene fields.  

Let’s say you purchase one gram of the strain Chocolope during every monthly visit to your dispensary.  Chocolope, which is bred by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze, is a sativa that sometimes produces dreamy, uplifting effects for its users.   

No two yields of Chocolope are exactly the same, however.  Due to the inability to keep 100% of factors constant during the breeding process, every new yield of Chocolope will produce a different cannabinoid fingerprint.  Every time you purchase a gram of Chocolope, it will always be a sativa, but it will not always contain the same amounts of THC, CBD, CBG, and so on.

Releaf takes this into account.  Even the slightest of differences in cannabinoid percentages between batches of the same strain can lead to different effects in the patient.  This is why  we want you to track your cannabis batches, not just your cannabis strains.  By completing as many of the fields as you can, you will be able to get the most out of Releaf’s personalized feedback feature as you continue to log sessions in the app.   

You can also use the “Notes” field to enter in any miscellaneous information about your batch.  

 If you don’t know much about your cannabis, that’s okay too!  We know testing data is not always available.  Enter the information that you do have, and we’ll handle it from there.

Tap “Save.” at the bottom of the screen to proceed!

Selecting Your Cannabis (for experienced users)

If you’ve already logged a few sessions in the app, or if you’ve already added your cannabis via the main menu, you will be prompted to select your cannabis for your upcoming session from a list.  (If you’d like to add a new batch, you can always do so by tapping the + icon in the bottom righthand corner of the screen).


To the right of every strain in the list, you will see a pink heart and a teal heart.  The number inside the pink heart tells you how effective that strain was for the symptom you just selected.  The number inside the teal heart shows you an overall average of how you rated that strain every time you completed a session with it.   

Let’s refer to the screenshot above as we revisit our back pain scenario.  Chocolope is the only strain in the list that has a rating in the pink heart.  This means that you’ve rated it an average of 5/5 for treating back pain.  

The second strain in the list, Fool’s Gold, does not contain a rating in the pink heart.  This means you have not yet used it to treat back pain.  Its overall teal heart rating of 5.0, however, means you’ve found it to be very effective in treating other symptoms.

To further guide you in selecting which cannabis to smoke, refer to the three icons sitting below each strain name.  You will come to know the meaning of these icons very well once you start logging sessions on a regular basis.  Each icon represents a Feel, or feeling, that you experienced while on that strain in a past session.

By looking at your cannabis list above, you know that Chocolope has proven to be effective in the past at treating your back pain, but you also know that it’s caused you to be forgetful in the past. You haven’t yet tried to treat back pain with Fool’s Gold, but you know from previous sessions that it tends to make you feel relaxed, focused, and peaceful.  Maybe it will effectively combat your back pain.  Perhaps now is the time to try it!

 Make your strain selection by tapping its name in the list.  Now you’re ready to begin your session!