Five Things We Love About Cannabis

We’ve seen a number of lists out there about why other people love cannabis, and we wanted to share our own.  Agree with us or have your own reasons?  Let us know!  

5. It makes us look and feel younger.  Yes, it’s true!   Cannabis has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and cell-regenerative properties.  When applied topically, it can provide significant relief of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, and acne...and it can actually combat signs of aging.  In a recent study, a CBD-based topical was found to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 80% of female participants after only 14 days.  And as for feeling younger?  Cannabis relieves many of the aches and pains that many people experience as they get older...all without the nasty side effects from pharmaceutical medications.  But here’s the real kicker: it also restores memory, enhances mental performance, and reverses aging processes in the brain.  Scientists are now anticipating that cannabis could be the key to curing dementia.

4. It can help us kick our vices to the curb.  We’re not just talking about the huge decrease in opioid-related hospitalizations in states where medical cannabis is legal.  Cannabis is now being accredited to helping people overcome a variety of addictions.  THCV has been found to be a successful appetite suppressant, giving promise to individuals who struggle with overeating.  Cannabidiol, or CBD, has actually been found to help nicotine addiction by reducing cigarette cravings.  Some people even claim they’ve been able to quit caffeine by swapping out their morning joe for a few drops of CBD under the tongue.  The result?  Clean, focused energy that lasts for hours...sans irritability and jitters.

3. The community around it.  Cannabis is uniting us in a way we haven’t seen before.  People are taking it upon themselves to contribute their individual talents to the industry, be it through growing, testing, software technology, cooking & baking, consulting, veterinary science, yoga classes...the list goes on.  From all walks of life, people are coming together for festivals, caucasus, patient empowerment groups, business opportunities, and good times in general.  It’s a truly diverse community, and that’s a wonderful thing.

2. It’s fun to share.  This one’s simple.  Whether we’re swapping seeds with a fellow grower, inviting others to try out our homemade cannana bread, or simply passing a joint around a circle of friends, there’s nothing better than spreading the love of green...and we love that.

1. The feels, oh, the feels!  Cannabis can bring out the best in us: the creative ideas we’ve been harboring, the immense gratitude we feel towards our friends and family, appreciation for nature and music, mental peace and tranquility, self-love. It encourages mindfulness and optimism.  It deepens our conversations and has us doubled over in fits of laughter.  With it, we can sit back, be present in our lives, and thoroughly enjoy the world around us.