Appreciating the Unique Effects of Cannabis

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When we first started designing Releaf as a way for patients to track how different types of cannabis affected their various symptoms, we did a lot of internal research.  This was back in 2014/2015.  We’d fire up our vaporizers, sit back, and take notes on what we considered valuable about our experience. The ability to monitor our symptom level was a given; after only a hit or two of fresh flower, we immediately started feeling better.  But we also started feeling different, and we wanted a way to track those differences as well.

Different, how?  Cannabis is a medicine, and like any other medicine, it comes with “side effects”.  Largely due to the pharmaceutical industry, the term side effects strikes a negative chord in many people.  The fact that medications are being manufactured for the sole purpose of treating the side effects of other medications, usually accompanied by their own set of side effects, is a very scary reality.

But cannabis is different.  Yes - it can cause dizziness (especially after drinking) or paranoia (especially if you’ve smoked too much).  But it can also play a key role in helping you solve a creative problem.  It can dissolve the negativity you’ve had hanging over your head all day/week/month until, all of a sudden, you realize that you feel happy.  Content with yourself, appreciative of your surroundings, grateful for those close to you.  It can turn an unproductive day around by improving your focus on your tasks at hand, resulting in not only a productive day, but an enjoyable one as well.  

From day one, our goal for the app has been to encourage mindfulness in patients who have bravely decided to give cannabis a shot.  We wanted to do our part in helping antiquate the lazy stoner stigma from decades ago.  So we built a feature into the app that we hoped would empower patients to use the plant effectively, thoughtfully, and brilliantly.  

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The “Feels” panel in the Releaf App was inspired by our love and gratitude towards all the feelings and effects cannabis has to offer.  We encourage you to track these things alongside your symptom level fluctuations, because the more you know about how you respond to different strains and products, the more you can take advantage of them!

To new patients: we hope that you’ll take the time to get accustomed to these effects.   Introduce the plant into your life slowly and carefully.  Pay attention to how it affects you, and how those effects feel to you, and how you feel about those effects.  You may just find yourself building a very rewarding relationship with cannabis that will last a lifetime.

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