If you want to build a good relationship with edibles, it’s important to always be mindful of what dose you’re taking.  These days, store-bought edibles are labeled with the total amount of THC they contain, and many are already portioned into reasonable serving sizes of 5-10mg.  

But things can get a little tricky for us dose-conscious folk when we're making our own edibles.  Sure, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you do some of the math, for example, how much THC your pan of brownies already contains.  Want 10mg brownies, but find out that the entire batch contains 1000mg of THC?  Looks like you’re going to wind up with 100 tiny brownies.

Let’s say you want to make a batch of cookies that calls for 8 tbsp of cannabutter.  Ideally, each cookie would be reasonably-sized and contain 5mg of THC.  Do you know how strong your cannabutter needs to be?  In other words, how many grams of cannabis do you need to infuse into your batch of butter in order to yield 24 reasonably-dosed cookies?  

We searched far and wide for an calculator that would tell us exactly how to make edibles, from scratch, with a specific dose per serving in mind.  We couldn’t find one.  So we made our own!  

Our Dose-Specific Calculator is split up into two steps.  Make sure you have a recipe in mind (and some cannabis on hand) before you begin.  Step 1 takes you through the process of determining how strong your butter or oil needs to be in order to yield edibles with your specifications.  Step 2 tells you exactly how much cannabis to infuse.  It’s easy!

We hope you find this tool as helpful as we do.  

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DisclaimerThis calculator is for educational purposes only and is intended to help guide you towards making butter or oil of an estimated potency, based on the values you input.  When infusing butter or oil with cannabis, always use products that have been lab-tested.  We recommend starting at 2-5mg THC per serving, and even lower if you are new to cannabis.  

Releaf's Dose-Specific Calculator for DIY Edibles

Step 1:
Determine how strong your butter/oil needs to be

mg THC
Your entire recipe should contain
The strength of your butter/oil
should be --

Step 2:
Determine how much cannabis you need to infuse into your butter/oil

To make butter/oil that is -- THC/tbsp, we need to know a few things first.

You should infuse --
(or --) into
-- of butter/oil.
Your entire batch of butter/oil
will contain --