our mission

our mission:

explore medical cannabis treatment together.

Anti-cannabis laws are finally starting to ease, allowing millions of people to legally benefit from the plant’s medicinal properties.  But with thousands of different strains available, new equipment being advertised daily, and the stigma of “marijuana” still prevalent throughout the country, it isn’t easy to get started.  Enter Releaf, designed to help people get the most out of their interactions with cannabis and, ultimately, to feel better.

Releaf assists medical cannabis patients in discovering, tracking and analyzing what works best in treating their ailments.  It lets you know what is working for others experiencing the same ailments, and helps you keep track of your own experiences.  All you have to do is let Releaf know when you feel your specific ailment lessens during a session with cannabis and include any other feelings you are experiencing.  Releaf then analyzes patterns based on your cannabis usage and generates personalized post-session and aggregate statistics, to help you personalize your treatment.  Your privacy is always kept secure by recording all data 100% anonymously... and it has pretty graphs too!   

Our hope is that the collected information will help us all understand medical cannabis better and help those in need get easier access to the medical benefits they deserve. Together, we can explore cannabis in a thoughtful and direct way that will aid countless people approach medical cannabis now and in the future to treat their ailments effectively.