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Releaf enables you to track your live sessions with cannabis and record exactly how it’s helping you.  It can then recognize patterns in your session data and help you learn what types of cannabis and intake methods work best in treating your various symptoms.  

What are the cannabinoids, terpenes, and ingestion methods that work best for you in managing your symptoms?  What feelings are associated with the cannabis you're trying? 

Let's crowdsource this exploration to find real answers using the power of thoughtful management & real-time sessions.

A thoughtful approach to cannabis treatment.

"This app is everything I've been looking for in an app to track how cannabis helps." 

- Bonnie Newell, Releaf user

"This is what my patients need, a digital cannabis journal. An easy way to track their treatment plan with the various strains and applications." 

- Ashton Wilson, budtender in NV

"Something that works for one person might not work for someone else, and we don’t even know why yet. Everyone is completely different. That’s why Releaf is so good.”

- Ana Switzer, Releaf user


How Releaf App works for you

By letting Releaf know how you feel throughout your sessions with cannabis, it will help you recognize successful patterns in your usage—what worked for you, how long did it last, and how did it make you feel—so that you can feel better, faster and with greater confidence and comfort.

releaf individual statistics


your personal inventory - keep tabs on your current strains and products, your session equipment, and everything you've tried in the past.



your live sessions with cannabis - how you're feeling, the dosing that works best for you, and how much you're alleviating your symptoms. 

releaf personalized session analytucs


your unique preferences - learn what works best for you in any circumstance, and use this knowledge to continually improve your future sessions with cannabis!


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