releaf app - medical cannabis & marijuana tracking

Releaf App helps you track & learn which types of cannabis, dosing, and ingestion methods work best for you.


Releaf is a patent pending app that enables you to track your live sessions with cannabis and record exactly how it’s helping you.  It can then provide intelligent reporting to help you learn what types of cannabis and intake methods are working best in treating your symptoms.  Share these reports with doctors and/or budtenders to discuss your treatment and identify your best options.

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Cannabis has tremendous medicinal value and potential that the world is just beginning to more fully understand.  We believe we can all more thoroughly understand how to use this amazing medicine by working together to mindfully track and share our experiences.


Releaf: A thoughtful approach to cannabis treatment.

"This app is everything I've been looking for in an app to track how cannabis helps." 

- Bonnie, Releaf patient

"This is what my patients need, a digital cannabis journal. An easy way to track their treatment plan with the various strains and applications." 

- Ashton Wilson, budtender in NV

"Thank you for creating this, it's exactly what I need."

- Denise, Releaf patient


How Releaf App works for you

By letting Releaf know how you feel throughout your sessions with cannabis, it will help you recognize successful patterns in your usage—what worked for you, how long did it last, how much did you take, and how did it make you feel?



Track how your specific symptoms lessen during a medical cannabis session. 

You can track your symptom level, doses, feelings, and more...for up to four symptoms at once.



Compare the cannabis you've tried.  Learn what's worked for you and your different symptoms.  Make better cannabis choices in the future with our intelligent reporting.

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Dive into detailed reports and graphs from all of your sessions with cannabis.   

View and understand how your feelings and symptom levels changed over the course of your session.  


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