Getting Started With Releaf: Logging a New Session.
June, 2016
Getting Started

Now that you’ve completed session onboarding and selected your primary symptom, equipment, and cannabis, you’re ready to begin your session!

Symptom Level & Puffs
Before you take your first puff, pause for a moment and make a pre-session assessment: How do you feel right now?
The symptom slider on the right side of the screen runs on a scale from 0-10, with 0 being symptom-free and 10 being the most severe.

Let’s say the pain in your back is much worse than usual today; you got suckered into helping a friend move over the weekend and your muscles have been intermittently seizing up all day. You’re hurting!

Drag the symptom slider to the appropriate number and release. The top bar will flash to indicate that Releaf has captured this data.

NOW it’s time to take your first hit. Tap the PUFF button once you’ve done so to officially start your session.

While in a session, Releaf will record your experience in real time. Whenever you feel a change in your symptom level, adjust the slider accordingly. As you continue to smoke or vape for the remainder of your session, be sure to keep track of every hit you take by tapping the PUFF button.

A white flash over the top bar indicates that your data has been captured and saved.


There are two other ways to keep track of your experience during a session: Feels and Notes.
Recording Your Feels
Tap on the Feels icon in the bottom navigation to open up the Feels panel. This screen contains a selection of common side-effects pertaining to the body and mind.
When you find yourself experiencing one of the Feels above, simply tap on it to indicate its occurrence. When that feeling no longer applies to you, tap it again to deactivate it. Just like the rest of your in-session data, Feels are captured in real time.

Let’s say that after taking a few puffs, you decide to take a walk around the neighborhood. You start to feel better than you have all day, in fact, you feel rather light on your feet! You open up the app and tap “Light” in the Feels panel. You also realize that the pain in your back has lessened substantially. You navigate back to the Symptom panel and drag the slider down to 4.

After a little while, you start wondering why you don’t take walks more often. You begin to realize that recent stress at work has been discouraging you from doing anything active when you come home…anything besides plopping down in front of the TV with a beer in hand feels like too much of a feat. You decide you want to make a change, and make a promise to yourself to go on a walk every night after you get home from work.  You navigate back to the Feels panel and tap “Reflective.” You up the Feels panel and tap “Reflective” to indicate that something about this experience with cannabis has triggered you to feel introspective.   

You get back to your house and all you can think about is finding something to eat…ASAP. You tap “Reflective” again to turn it off, and tap “Hungry” because you have a serious case of the munchies. While still feeling light on your feet, you go off in search of something to snack on.

Use the Notes feature to record any thoughts, ideas, or experiences you have while you’re treating with cannabis. This is also a great place to jot down something you want to bring up to your doctor or budtender during your next visit.

To capture a note, tap the Notes icon in the bottom navigation. This will take you to your Notebook. Tap the pencil icon to bring up a text field.

Tap the pencil icon to create a new note. Type out your note, then tap “Submit.” Your timestamped note will appear in your notebook.

Notes are here for your reference only and will never be shared or aggregated along with other data.

For the duration of your session, keep track of your symptom level, doses, feelings, and notes using the features we explained above.

Ready to end your session?  See our third installment of this blog series: “Getting Started with Releaf: Ending a Session.”

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