We Are Advancing Research
and Knowledge of Cannabis Efficacy

Through partnerships with universities and research institutions we are contributing to first-of-its-kind efficacy data on cannabis as a medicine by leveraging patient reported outcomes from observational, pre-clinical, and clinical studies. 

Every time you record an outcome in Releaf App, you are contributing to this research, and helping guide another patient to find faster releaf.

Our Research

Our goal is to provide patients, the industry, and our communities with reliable data to inform and educate on the effectiveness of cannabis. Read about our published work in the below medical journals.


We believe the power is in the numbers, both for our app users, and also for our research collaborators. We are proud and honored to work with such a distinguished group of independent researchers from around the world. Together we are contributing to the history of cannabis efficacy literature.

Jacob M. Vigil

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

University of New Mexico

Xiaoxue Li, PhD

Department of Economics

University of New Mexico

Andrew M. Peterson PharmD, PhD.

John Wyeth Dean of the Mayes College 

University of the Sciences

Sarah Stith

Associate Professor, Department of Economics

University of New Mexico

Jegason Phosphorus Diviant, B.S.

Department of Psychology

University of New Mexico

Robert L. Cook, M.D., M.P.H

Professor & Director

University of Florida SHARC

Debra Kimless, MD

Independent researcher


Steve Goldner, Esq, R.A.C.

CEO + Founder

PureGreen LLC

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