What Releaf is all about.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to complete the data feedback loop in the cannabis & hemp supply chain by providing actionable data-backed insights on “seed to outcome” trends to inform industry best practices and connect consumers with effective options.

By encouraging patients to mindfully track their experiences, we believe they will strengthen their relationship with themselves while also learning how cannabis can help alleviate their specific symptoms & ailments.

Our Story.

For us, Releaf is personal. Created with founder Franco Brockelman’s mother in mind, Releaf was designed under the basic principle that there had to be a better way to track and demystify the world of medical cannabis; a process which can be hard to navigate for experienced users, let alone people who are new to their course of treatment.

Franco watched his own mother struggle with chronic pain for years. Dozens of  courses of treatment failed her. When medical cannabis was legalized in her home state, Franco encouraged her to speak with her doctor.

Even with a medical cannabis card in hand, she felt overwhelmed by the lack of information and intimidated by the lifelong stigma surrounding “marijuana”. Most sources of information regarded strain names as the ultimate answer to treatment, stopping short of addressing her individual needs.  Relying on that general information resulted in restlessness, sleeplessness, and even more pain.  She was frustrated, confused, and disheartened;  as was Franco. There had to be a better way for his mother, as well as other global users cannabis, to navigate their way to a better life through treatment.

Franco went to work developing a tool to be a companion to medical cannabis treatment; one that empowers users to detail what cannabis they’re trying, track their own successes with specific treatment methods, and share their results so that doctors and patients alike may learn and benefit from their journey—all while maintaining each individual’s privacy.

Trusting that this would be an effective tool to aid in cannabis treatment, Franco then he put it in the hands of Beta Tester #1: his mother. Since then, thousands of people have signed up to pair Releaf with their medical cannabis treatment.   The further we go along this journey the more information we’ve been able to  share with new and current patients. As Releaf grows, individuals are beginning to know the most effective pieces of knowledge: effective treatments for others with the same symptoms and more importantly, what works for each individual user.

At Releaf we continuously strive to empower everyone to answer the questions that are the most important to them about their own cannabis treatment.

Meet the Releaf Team!

Keenan Keeling

Founding Partner, CEO

Branden Hall

Founding Partner, CTO

Tyler Dautrich


Skye Alcorn

Lead Developer

Dr. Debra Kimless, MD

Medical Advisor

Ready for Releaf? It’s easy and free!

Ready for Releaf? It’s easy and free!

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