BetterTogether Brands

Collect Data On The
Use, Performance & Outcomes
Of Your Products

Add your products into Releaf App so your customers can easily select the product they are using, and new customers can see why they should buy your products.

Brands use our platforms to provide customers the path of least resistance for:

Improved Purchasing Experiences

Provide individuals with transparent data on product use, performance & quality to inform their purchasing and consumption decisions.

Participating in Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers for providing data and feedback on their use and experiences with your products. Incentivize them to repurchase your products.

Research Study Participation

Present your customers with exclusive research opportunities on your products and brand.

Data-Backed Insights and Education

Market and promote your products with data that highlights the product’s use, performance & quality.

Brands use our platforms to be more competitive, productive, and profitable through:

Targeted Customer Acquisition & Surveying

Have your products recommended to indivdiuals that matches the need and interest they are searching to use a product for. Engage with new and existing customers to learn more about them, your products, and brand to help better navigate a path forward.

Product Formulation Innovations

Use data reported from customers on the use, performance & efficacy of your products to better inform future product innovation, development, and formulation decisions.

Clinical & Observational Research Study Management

We lower the cost & time barrier for the design, setup, implementation, recruitment, and analysis of formal and informal studies.

Staff Training and Customer Service Protocols

Quickly train staff on your products and help customers find the right product for their needs with transparent data on the use, performance & quality of each product.

Competitive Analysis

Measure how your products are performing to others available on the market.

Better Data Equals Better Results

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