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Do you collect feedback from your patients to assess the efficacy of their cannabis use & treatment?

The Releaf Advantage

Manage and track patient treatment with Releaf App!

We believe better information about cannabis leads to better results for patients and those that care for them. Our Releaf Partner Program is a new service that provides medical groups with unique and actionable analytics regarding how cannabis is working for both patients in their care and others around the world.

How Releaf App Works For Your Patients

Your patients let Releaf know how they feel throughout their sessions with cannabis, it will help them recognize successful patterns in their usage – what worked for them, how long did it last, how much did they take, and how did it make them feel?


View in-app reports to analyze usage results & outcomes easily


Both you and your patients learn what cannabis varieties & products work best for them.


No more forgetting how things went.  View reports to have meaningful conversations.


Make more informed, data based, recommendations.


Keep your patients happy by providing them a world class tracking app.


Be a leader when it comes to patient interaction and experience.

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