Track reported outcomes from your patients

Releaf’s Physician / Caregiver Platform is a HIPAA compliant way to track the anonymous reported treatment outcomes from your patients. Track what products your patients are using to provide relief for their symptoms and the level of relief they experienced¬†

The Releaf Advantage

Improve your practice by utilizing The Releaf Garden platform, equipped with medical cannabis efficacy data per symptom type.

Looking for a better way to track how effective medical cannabis was in providing your patients with relief? Seeking data to help provide treatment recommendations? Want to see real-time specific product effectiveness ratings per symptom?

Releaf App has the best solution for you!


How It Works

Releaf App is a free mobile app that empowers patients to make informed treatment and purchasing decision by tracking the level of symptom relief a specific cannabis product or variety did, or did not, provide them. In addition to tracking symptom relief, patients can easily record specific feelings and side effects experienced while medicating. With Releaf’s Physician / Caregiver Platform you are able to see the specific product your patient used, the symptoms your patient was seeking relief from, how much of the product they used, the impact it had on the severity of their symptom, and the rating they gave that product in its ability to provide them with relief.¬†

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