Track the use and experienced effects of products in your inventory and across your state.

Customers want more information about what they are buying. Differentiate your dispensary by providing evidenced-based effects data on your products.

We are BetterTogether.

Give Your Customers The Experience They Deserve

Our BetterTogether Dispensary Platform provides management and staff with data insights & analytics on specific product use, effects, and outcomes on products from their inventory, as well as products across their state.

Most Effective Products in State

Identify the most effective products across your state based on thousands of reported outcomes.

Consultation Tool

Know your top products per symptom. View product-by-product use & outcomes. Avoid making medical claims with evidence-based consumer reported outcomes.

Product Effectiveness Images

Promote the most effective products in your inventory, reported by your customers. Start promoting effectiveness of your offerings.

Loyalty Integrations

Incentivize your customers to provide more product ratings and reviews by providing loyalty points per reported outcome. Use data collected to enhance customer segments & promotions.

Menu Integrations

Menu APIs with your POS / menu provider will automatically update your menu in Releaf App for your customers.

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