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Do you collect feedback from your patients to assess the efficacy of your menu offerings?

The Releaf Advantage

Give Your Customers The Experience They Deserve

Our data service is creating a new class of dispensaries driven by outcomes and patient results.

Our dispensary partnership program shows you efficacy ratings & analytics for specific cannabis varieties and products in your inventory. Use this information to give more informed recommendations at the counter.

It’s better when we work together!

Menu Integration

Integrate your menu into Releaf App for patients to select your products while recording real-time sessions. You’ll also be a highlighted partner.

Intelligent Reporting

Weekly reports that help identify which cannabis products are working best for your patients. Your employees will always know what to recommend.

The Releaf Garden

As a Releaf Partner you’ll receive a private login to our private portal, The Releaf Garden.  Here you can dive deeper into all of your recorded data.

Group Codes

Simplify reporting! Group Codes allow you to give a portion of your patient population a code to group them in reports.


Trusted and used by

We work with Licensed Producers too!


Trusted and used by

We work with Licensed Producers too!

How Releaf App Works For Your Patients

Your patients let Releaf know how they feel throughout their sessions with cannabis, it will help them recognize successful patterns in their usage – what worked for them, how long did it last, how much did they take, and how did it make them feel?


Track how specific symptoms lessen during a session.


Paitents learn what products work best for them.


Detailed reporting that helps patients understand their use.


Make informed, data based, recommendations.


Keep your patients happy with the right strains and products.


Be a leader when it comes to dispensary experience.

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