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5 Steps To Seek Relief From Insomnia

5 Steps to Seek Relief from Insomnia 02 August, 2018 Wellness According to a 2016 report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), roughly 35% of US adults have experienced sleeping issues.  Several factors contribute to this phenomenon, with insomnia being one of...

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Cannabis & Creativity

Cannabis and Creativity08 May, 2018 Wellness If you ask 100 different people to explain what “creativity” means to them, you’re probably going to get 100 different answers. The idea of creativity - its definition, the subjects to which it can be applied (art, science,...

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Cannabis: A Different Kind Of Treatment

Cannabis: A Different Kind Of Treatment 23 Febuary, 2018 Wellness Thanks to the results from recently-permitted scientific studies and the untiring work of cannabis activist groups, more and more people are beginning to accept that cannabis is a successful form of...

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Building a Healthy Relationship With Edibles

Building a Healthy Relationship With Edibles 04 January, 2018 Wellness With a new year comes the opportunity for fresh perspective. If you caught our step-by-step guide to making Releaf Rubies, you may have gotten the hint that we’re pretty enthusiastic about the...

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Cannabis & Wellness

Cannabis & Wellness 07 December, 2017 Wellness Remember the last time you used a cannabis product that had you feeling, well, simply splendid? Perhaps you felt encouraged to give your mom a lengthy phone call, or felt energized to get off the couch, lace up your...

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Cannabis & Mental Health

Cannabis & Mental Health 30 October, 2017 Wellness As the cold winter months approach, millions of people across the country find themselves feeling down in the dumps for no particular reason.  This condition, known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), is a type...

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Introducing: Group Codes

Introducing: Group Codes 18 September, 2017 Getting Started Here at Releaf, we’re constantly working to improve the app in a way that benefits the patients using it. We review each and every piece of patient feedback as a team, and do our best to incorporate the most...

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Appreciating the Unique Effects of Cannabis

Appreciating the Unique Effects of Cannabis 21 August, 2017 Wellness When we first started designing Releaf as a way for patients to track how different types of cannabis affected their various symptoms, we did a lot of internal research. This was back in 2014/2015....

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Knowledge is Power: Introducing The 30 Day Report

Knowledge is Power: Introducing the 30 Day Report 04 August, 2017 Resources Picture yourself walking up to the counter at your dispensary. Samplings of 30 different strains of flower lie before you, with names like Pineapple Express, Super Lemon Haze, and Grandaddy...

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Releaf Rubies: How To Make Your Own Edibles

Releaf Rubies: How To Make Your Own Edibles. 21 July, 2017 Resources Edibles get a bad rap. We all know someone who got uncomfortably high after eating a pot brownie (or three).  “I’m never taking edibles again!” they declare after sharing their one-time disastrous...

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