Quick-Log: A quick new way to track outcomes with Releaf App


June, 2019

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When Releaf was created in 2015, our mission was to create a tool that helped people track, learn from, and improve their medical cannabis experiences.  Our goal was to help capture valuable data for each patient and for the entire industry, all at the same time.

We’ve learned a lot of things from taking on this passion project, both naturally from designing and building the tools & features, but also from the thoughtful feedback we’ve received from thousands of people using Releaf app.  It is directly from this feedback that we’ve decided to prioritize and release our latest feature: Quick-Log.

What is Quick-Log?  How does it help?

While we still strongly believe and have observed that recording an experience in real-time has significant benefits in terms of noticing changes over time to your health & wellness, it’s also true that many of us are currently looking for ways to spend less time on our phones.  In light of this and to respect our common goals as people, we’ve added a feature that now allows you to instantly log effectiveness ratings for the varieties of cannabis you try.

With this release, you’ll now have two paths available to track your outcomes, or the outcomes of the child/person you are caring for:

1. You’ll always have the original Start a real-time session option, for when you want to observe effects closely over the course of a cannabis treatment session, and

2. You’ll now have the option to Save a quick-log, to instantly log an effectiveness rating for a strain or product you’ve tried.

We hope this feature helps you log outcomes when you’re short on time, or when you forget to log and want to go back and capture that outcome.  

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who spent time writing and asking for this feature.  We’re excited to deliver it to you and provide new ways for you to track, learn from, and improve your cannabis choices and treatments.   As you use this feature, let us know what you think by emailing us at feedback@releafapp.com.

The best things are created by working together.


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