Knowledge is Power: Introducing the 30 Day Report


August, 2017


Picture yourself walking up to the counter at your dispensary. Samplings of 30 different strains of flower lie before you, with names like Pineapple Express, Super Lemon Haze, and Grandaddy Purple, all enclosed in jars neatly labeled with their unique cannabinoid testing results: percentages of THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, THCA…the list goes on. Beneath the glass counter, the selection of other cannabis products are endless – tinctures, topicals, cartridges, and edibles galore. The budtender asks, “What’ll it be?”

How do you come to a decision?  Do you know what’s been working for you lately in alleviating your unique set of symptoms? Are you able to say with confidence what it is you really want to purchase, because you know it’ll work for you? What if they’re out of your go-to strain? Do you remember if it was high-THC or had more of a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, or who the grower was, so you can try to select another strain like it?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and what’s more, with the nature of how cannabis affects many of us, it’s very common to forget what worked for you in the past. You might remember taking a liking to Pineapple Express, for instance, but might not be able to recall if it helped you get to sleep or kept you up for hours, engaged in conversation with a friend.

Back in 2015, we began designing the Releaf App as a tool with which patients could record their treatment experiences.  We did so because we strongly believe in how important it is to learn…and remember…how different types of cannabis affect you as an individual. For the past two years, we’ve been continually refining and strengthening this tool based on patient feedback.

And now, we’re very excited to share Releaf’s newest feature: the 30-Day Report!

The 30-day report is a look into your current relationship with cannabis, and how you’re using it to manage your symptoms. It’s important to have a record of everything you’ve tried in the past and how it made you feel, but what’s even more important is what’s been working for you recently. Perhaps, a year ago, your favorite strain was Blue Dream, and joints were your preferred method of intake. But this was before you purchased a vaporizer, or before you started experimenting with edibles for their longer-lasting effects.

The report gives helpful insight into how “current-you” is best interacting with cannabis. It’s comprised of four sections to help you keep track of how things are going as you continue exploring all that cannabis has to offer.


The calendar is a snapshot of your session history over the past 30 days. It gives you a helpful look into your treatment habits, so you’ll be better equipped to answer the question, “How frequently do you medicate?” when your doctor asks at your next appointment.

Can’t remember that great strain you tried last Sunday? Now, that information is easy to retrieve.

Symptom Report

The Symptom Report shows which symptoms you’ve been treating with cannabis over the past 30 days, and your average rating for each. Use this to know which symptoms you have under control, and which symptoms you’re still figuring out how to best treat. Share this with your budtender or doctor to help identify the next best thing to try.

Method Report

The Method Report is an overview of your recent cannabis intake methods, and how well they’ve fared for you.  There are many ways to use cannabis and exploring this is just as important as the strains you try.

Highly Rated Cannabis Report

The highly-rated cannabis report is a quick look at your latest favorites. Show this list to your budtender so they can make more informed recommendations. The more you can share with them about what you currently like, the better the chance they help you find your next favorite strain.

We hope you’ll find the new 30-Day Report as helpful as we do!

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