Cannabis & Wellness
December, 2017

Remember the last time you used a cannabis product that had you feeling, well, simply splendid? Perhaps you felt encouraged to give your mom a lengthy phone call, or felt energized to get off the couch, lace up your running shoes, and hit the pavement. Or maybe you found yourself deep-cleaning the kitchen…and actually enjoying it.

Can you recall the strain you smoked, tincture you used, or edible you consumed? Can you recall how much you had that brought you to that sweet spot?

For the first two or so years of Releaf’s existence, our team has been entirely medically-focused. We wanted to help patients bring, you guessed it, relief to their various symptoms via cannabis. Inspired by the belief that relief is a very personal experience, we’ve continued to design the app in a way that empowers you, the patient. You’re the one tracking your sessions and monitoring your symptom levels. You’re the one keeping tabs on your side effects. Only you truly know if, and how, cannabis works for you.

But as we mentioned in our blog post “Appreciating the Unique Effects of Cannabis,” this plant has a multitude of non-medical benefits to offer too. And according to some of our patients, it would also be great to track this other type of session in the app along with symptom-specific ones.

In hearing this feedback, we looked at our options to see how we could integrate this in a way that felt right for Releaf and our mission.  “Recreational” and “Adult-use” are the most popular terms for non-medical cannabis use today. These terms never sat well with us. Neither is offensive, per se, but neither successfully highlights the purpose and benefit of this type of session either. The word “recreational” lacks a certain seriousness; it implies “just for fun,” something that lacks any real health benefits. The overly simplistic term “adult-use” mimics the alcohol industry’s marketing language. After our team talked it over for a few weeks, we decided on “wellness.”

Wellness: the state of being in good physical and mental health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

The second clause in the definition above hits the nail on the head for us.  It indicates that wellness, just like relief, is very personal. It can mean something different to everyone. And at the same time, it’s a path with purpose that supports all aspects of one’s health. Tracking a wellness session in the Releaf App is simple: just select it from the symptom list, choose your cannabis and equipment, and begin. You can even track wellness alongside other symptoms you wish to treat.
Before you begin your first wellness session, take a moment to think about what it means to you. More than likely, it’ll be a combination of things. Perhaps to you, it means the strengthening already strong relationships, regular outdoor exercise, and the satisfaction that comes from a sparkling clean and well-organized house. What are your wellness goals? Write them down. Can cannabis help you achieve them? Be well! – The Releaf Team

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